NWOSS offers quality products you can trust to secure your home & family.

Products Warranty

One Year Warranty

Professional-Grade Products

Professional-Grade Quality

Products Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A.

All the products below are compatible with our Virtual Keypad App. Choose your level of control with features such as:

Check System Status
Arm/Disarm Your Security System
Connect with Video Doorbell
Control Smart Home Devices
Manage Schedules & Favorites
Create and Control Geofences
User Management and Event History

Free download

iPhone and Android Compatible

Intrusion Detection Products

Door/Window Sensors

Alerts when a door or window has been opened (not broken).

Suggested uses:

Entry/exit doors
Garage door
Ground floor windows
Medicine cabinet
Shed doors
Gun cabinet door

Glass Break Detectors

Alerts at the sound of breaking glass.

Suggested uses:

Room with multiple windows
Near large, inoperable windows

Motion Detectors

Alerts when there is motion detected in the area. Pet-friendly devices are available to allow dogs/cats to roam freely without tripping alarm.

Suggested uses:

Family Room

Environmental Detection & Life Safety​ Products

Personal Alarm Pendant

Personal waterproof alarm device to alert of an emergency (such as a fall of a loved one).

Suggested uses:

Wear as a necklace
Wear as a bracelet

Heat Detectors

Alerts when temperatures exceed a specified level. Recommended for normally smokey or dusty areas.

Suggested uses:


Smoke Detectors

Alerts when smoke is detected.

Suggested uses:

Inside All Bedroom
Outside Bedrooms
In All Living Areas
On All Levels

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Alerts when a dangerous level of carbon monoxide gas is detected.

Suggested uses:

On every level
Near sleeping areas
Near gas appliances such as fireplaces, furnaces, and water heaters

Temperature Sensors

Detects when the temperature moves above/below set limits.

Suggested uses:

Vacation Homes

Emergency LED Light

Automatically turn on when an event is triggered from the system panel.

Suggested uses:

During power outage
When smoke is detected

Water Monitor

Alerts when water makes contact with the device.

Suggested uses:

Near water pipes
Near water heater
Under sinks
Near Sump Pump
Environmental Detection & Life Safety

Smart Home Products

Z-Wave Thermostat

Fully programmable thermostat that can be adjusted remotely.

Suggested uses:

Vacation homes
Homes of frequent travelers

Z-Wave Deadbolt

Keyless entry, remotely check lock status, and lock/unlock door remotely. Available in three finishes.

Suggested uses:

Any exterior door
Combine with geofencing to auto-detect when to lock/unlock door

Z-Wave Plug-in Light & Appliance Module

Simply plug into any outlet and connect your desired lamp or small appliance.

Suggested uses:

Any lamp or small appliance

Z-Wave LED Light Bulb

Screws into any normal light bulb socket and is fully dimmable. Set lights on a schedule or turn on/off remotely.

Suggested uses:

Homes of Pet parents
Burglar deterrent

Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

Remotely open/close door and check status. Compatible with most automatic garage door openers.

Suggested uses:

Allow someone access to your garage
Smart Home Products

Standard Equipment & Accessories

All-in-One Keypad

Controls the system; view status, arm/disarm, test the system; sends signals to our Monitoring Station.

Suggested uses:

Beside most frequently used doors


Arm/Disarm the system outside your home.

Suggested uses:



Emits loud sound in the event of an alarm.

Suggested uses:

Place indoors to deter burglars
Place outdoors to alert neighbors

Wireless Repeater

Reach Devices in Detached Garages & Buildings

Suggested uses:

Larger homes
AM_3243 Version 2-XL



Uses Verizon or AT&T cellular network to send signals to our Monitoring Station.

Suggested uses:

Homes/apartments with strong, reliable cellular signal
Homes/apartments with no or weak wi-fi network

Wi-Fi with Cellular Back-up

Uses your home’s existing wi-fi network to send signals to our Monitoring Station. When wi-fi network is down or weak, the system will revert to sending signals using Verizon or AT&T cellular network.

Suggested uses:

Recommended for most homes
Most reliable communication method


Uses your home’s existing wi-fi network to send signals to our Monitoring Station.

Suggested uses:

Homes/apartments with strong, reliable wi-fi signal

What our customers are saying

Both technicians were kind and knew what they were doing. Asked for all our needs and upgrades. Travis Wood and Luis Vega, great job.

Richie Crouch

We just upgraded our system and we are so pleased. Travis W. was extremely professional, personable, paid attention to detail, and was patient while training us how to use the system’s multiple features (many of which we didn’t realize were available). Travis went above and beyond not just yesterday during the initial upgrade, but also when he came back today to help us fix an issue and provide additional training. His quality was first-rate, and the customer support and service teams were also helpful. I would highly recommend NWOSS.

Angela Nickel

The technicians arrived promptly at scheduled time. Both introduced themselves, explained what they were going to do. Noah and Travis were very professional, courteous, answered all of our questions and didn’t leave until we were familiar with and understood the new system. Thank you!!

Angel Langhals

Noah and Travis did a great job!!

Chris Callahan

Travis and Noah did a fantastic job. They were kind and respectful. They explained everything and continued to ask “is there anything else you need from us” Wish them well.

Jeffrey Jones

Noah and Travis are a great team, worked diligently and answered all questions. They did a great job!

Susan Chesebro

The work was done in a very professional manner. The tech was well qualified and knowledgeable. I am extremely satisfied.

Elizabeth Gutmann

Amazing job by Travis and Luis. I was very pleased with their professionalism. They made sure I was comfortable with the system and functions and answered any questions I had promptly. If they needed to double check on something they did immediately so I had accurate answers. I will definitely recommend Northwest Security to anyone in the market for a premier security system.

Kathy Dudgeon

William was extremely courteous and helpful when installing our equipment. I would definitely recommend Northwest Ohio Security Systems.

Lynn Norton

Northwestern Security did a very professional installation especially tech Noah Kirby. Thanks.

Brodie Monk

We are extremely happy and satisfied with Northwestern Ohio Security Systems! From the beginning of meeting Kevin Fair to Noah and Travis our techs that installed our system. Kevin was professional, caring, and listened to us about what we were looking for in a security system. He made sure we understood and felt comfortable with everything! Noah and Travis were professional and caring. The staff at Northwestern Ohio Security Systems are amazing. We had questions after the installation, and everyone was so willing to answer all our questions. We are so glad we chose NWOSS!

Wendy and Joe Kowal

N.W.O.S.S. did an outstanding job of installing a security system with security cameras at our office at the front and back doors, and at a very reasonable price.

Jonathan Warner

Kevin was great to work with in the planning and installation process of our home security system. Kevin returned e-mail promptly and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Northwestern Ohio Security.

M. Garlock

We just had a security system installed with doorbell camera. Kevin is really nice and explained everything and was so good in getting the install done perfect! We are happy to have chosen a local security company that has the best equipment and service! Thanks Kevin and Northwestern Ohio Security for everything!!

R. Hall

Kevin is a very nice, respectful, and friendly technician that is really knowledgeable about his job. He took his time to explain everything to my husband and I so that we understood the new unit that was installed. He showed us how to operate it step by step and answered any questions that we had.


We have had Northwest for many many years and needed to upgrade. Kevin worked with us on a system perfect for our needs. And very affordable! He was professional and kind and patient with our question over the new technology. We have always been pleased with the service we have received over the years. Always a fast response to any issues we have had. And they are a local business! Highly recommend them and love this new system!

The Gaberdiel's

Just a note of praise for salesman/technician Kevin, who is a phenomenal representative for your company. As a salesman, he is knowledgeable, organized and gently persuasive. As a technician, he is competent and confident. He creates a culture of trust. I found it very comfortable to work with him and greatly appreciate his communication skills and his expertise.

Karis Matz

Great system. Easy and convenient for our home use.


Great equipment and service for any security needs. Their monitoring service is customized for about any situation.


We’ve always been happy with NWOSS, and this makes us feel even better about our decision to use your firm.


We just wanted to thank you for your outstanding customer service. You did an excellent job of thoroughly explaining our new system, and your patience was much appreciated. You are great at your job and you deserve recognition for going above and beyond with your commitment to service. Again, thanks for all of your help and for answering all of my 500+ questions!


I’m very happy with the service.


I’ve been extremely happy with all aspects.


Michael was very friendly and polite when updating our system.


I do like the reliability and that it is easy to use.


Our experience with NWOSS has been pleasurable – very good customer service!


Great service!


We appreciate the great service.


Thank you for your prompt service. The young man you sent to repair the system is very friendly and helpful. He does his job VERY WELL.


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