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Affordable camera packages for your small business.

Camera packages from Northwestern Ohio Security Systems help small business owners monitor the state of their operations. They detect issues in real-time before they result in liabilities. Plus, our systems are user-friendly. Because of this, accessing recorded and real-time video is safe and simple. Our packages are more than just your average camera setup; they a tool that can help optimize your business performance.

Security Monitoring Devices


Low upfront costs plus automatic software updates mean lower total cost of ownership.

Easy to Use

Not only is our system user-friendly, but we will walk you through using it – training included!

Real-Time Notifications

Our proactive system notifies you as an incident is happening so you can respond quickly.

Help Desk Support

Not tech savvy? No IT personnel? No problem! We offer Help Desk support when you need it.

Access from Anywhere

Access both real-time & recorded video on all your devices. Encryption & triple-redundancy protect your data.

Secure Network

With no inbound internet connections and no open network ports, your system is safe from hackers.

Camera Packages with Secure Video Management from Northwestern Ohio Security Systems Inc

Flexible Camera Options

Add new cameras or reuse existing ones. Compatible with most IP & analog cameras to make what you already have more secure & functional.

Secure Data Storage

With on-site video storage PLUS encrypted cloud backup, you can rest assured that you can always access your data but no one else can.

Security Team

The NWOSS Team is here to make security easy for you. Our certified experts are with you every step of the way: design, install, setup, train, and support.

Multiple Sites & Users

User-friendly platform allows you to delegate access, revoke access, and track user activity across multiple sites.

Easy to View Alerts

Notifications display a deep link with a time stamp of the event. Just tap “play” to view the video.

Camera Maps

Camera locations and statuses can be viewed on a map. You can scroll and zoom to different locations.

Business owner checking on NWOSS security cameras at business

Already have cameras?

Improve your existing surveillance system, making it more functional & secure. No expensive equipment required.

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Discover how a camera package can work for your business. Meet with one of our experts for a product demonstration.

Why partner with NWOSS for home security?

Custom Design

System designed for your business & budget.

Always included.


Expert installation by certified professionals.

Always included.


On-site, hands-on training of your new system.

Always included.


Remote support for technical help after installation.

Always included.

Powerful Camera Analytics

Video analytics is a technology that analyzes video. Based on a set of predefined parameters, the software automatically generates a description of what is happening in the video.

Adding analytics to a surveillance system transforms it into a tool to help you with your household. Furthermore, camera systems with analytics are a smart addition to any security strategy. Because they enable users to be notified as an event is occurring, homeowners can see a significant reduction in losses and severity of incidents.

Small Business owner viewing camera analytics on mobile app
Tampering Camera Analytic

Camera Tampering

Receive an alert when a camera is being blocked, covered or moved. Adjustable sensitivity settings help reduce false alarms.

Safeguard video feed
Monitor adjustments made to viewing area
Improve reaction time to criminal events
Business Intrusion Security Analytics


Set parameters to trigger alerts when a predefined area is entered.

Secure restricted areas
Monitor rooms
Safeguard assets
Line Crossing Camera Analytic Northwestern Ohio Security Systems

Line Crossing

Receive an alert when a moving object crosses over a user-defined virtual line. You can specify the direction of the line crossing.

Secure restricted doorways
Monitor arrivals or departures
Safeguard out-of-bounds or hazardous areas
Loitering Security Control


Get notified when people or vehicles stay in one place for too long.

Secure unoccupied areas
Monitor potential vandalism
Safeguard keyholders
People Counting Camera Analytic Northwestern Ohio Security Systems

People Counting

Receive reports on the number of people entering and exiting your business or a specified area.

Track daily traffic counts
Monitor peak/slow times
Audit customer behavior like interest in seasonal displays

Vehicle Surveillance Package

The Vehicle Surveillance Package is a feature that reads and records license plates across multiple sites and allows for a quick review with the video playback function. Users can allow or deny access, receive real-time notifications when vehicles approach or are gone from a site longer than estimated, and search through history to find specific places, times, and locations.

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