Worried about the security of your farm?

Worried about the security needs of your farm?

Farming is a staple of Ohio, with 44% devoted to farmland. There are about 80,000 farms in Ohio - that's nearly 15 million acres! Yet agricultural crimes are consistently prevalent in rural areas. Alarmingly, 4 in 5 farmers report being the victim of a crime. Are you worried about the security of your farm?


The Main Obstacle to Protecting Farms

In rural parts of Ohio, internet and phone coverage can be very spotty. Low to no bandwidth usually equals no camera connectivity. Bandwidth allows us to connect our phones and computers to the internet. Love watching YouTube videos but can’t stream at home due to poor connection? Unfortunately, this is an issue even the professionals (like us) face when trying to help you protect what matters most. But NWOSS has a few solutions to help farmers and homeowners in rural areas secure their property.


Here’s a scenario:


A farmer owns three outbuildings that house valuable tools and equipment. The farmer wants to deter thieves from breaking into those buildings. They also want to know in real-time if a break-in occurs and promptly alert authorities of the event.


Designing a Security System for a Rural Farm


For this scenario, NWOSS would design a system to detect whenever a door or window opens in one of the outbuildings. We would also add devices to sense suspicious movement within a building while avoiding normal activity, such as that by a cat or bird.


To add another layer of protection, we would secure high-value farming equipment with a special cable that triggers an alarm when cut. Finally, we would include sirens to provide an instant alert and scare away would-be intruders.


In the event of an alarm, the security system could push an alert to the farmer’s cell phone. The system would also report to the NWOSS central monitoring station, allowing us to notify authorities promptly.


Security Cameras for Farms

Another option for farmers to secure their property is to use cameras. Because most farms have buildings spread out over a large area and lack reliable internet access, a professional camera system can be tricky to design. However, NWOSS has a solution to overcome these obstacles – wireless, long-range radios. This technology allows us to deploy quality cameras in rural areas across long distances. Our professional camera options include interior, exterior, 2-way audio, infrared night vision, and up to 4k resolution. Please keep in mind that this type of camera system costs significantly more than the security system previously mentioned.


At NWOSS, we understand that your farm is your livelihood. Our experts can find the right solutions to protect your agricultural business and assets. Contact us today for a free on-site consultation 800-833-6416.

Ready to secure your farm?

Your farm is your livelihood - protect it! We would be honored to help design a solution to secure your farm and agricultural assets.

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