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Camera Packages for Small Businesses from Northwestern Ohio Security Systems

Frequently Asked Questions: Camera Systems

Answering your FAQ’s on camera systems for homes and businesses.


What are the benefits of adding security cameras to your home or property?

Security cameras capture evidence and deter crime. In addition, they can immediately alert customers of what’s happening around their property. Security cameras can serve many benefits such as checking on the kids, protecting deliveries, and recording theft or vandalism. Moreover, businesses can leverage camera analytics, such as people counting, to optimize operations.


What features set NWOSS’s camera systems apart from competitors?

NWOSS focuses on providing  effective, reliable, and secure video solutions. Our free site evaluation program enables us to provide a customized system design. We aim to effectively meet your needs and budget while maximizing video quality. We provide professional installation to ensure your camera system will work when you need it most. Furthermore, our equipment is encrypted and cybersecure. These features protect your video and personal information from outside threats.


Can you integrate cameras into an existing security system setup?

Yes! NWOSS can integrate all the features and benefits of our camera solutions into your existing security or surveillance system. This will allow you to maximize your system with features such as push notifications, mobile support, and multi-site access.


How easy is it to use the security camera systems from NWOSS?

Our systems are simple and efficient to operate. They allow unlimited users, remote access/management, and customized alerts. Any number of authorized users can access the system, all at the same time. Users can connect on-the-go through the mobile or web-based application. The cameras use custom alerts and analytics to immediately notify users when it’s important. These push notifications include a link to view the video at the time of the event.

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