Virtual Keypad App


Better security with an app that goes everywhere you go.

This user-friendly mobile app gives you the power to manage your security system and smart home devices. Whole home control is now in the palm of your hand.

Choose your level of protection

Options to Arm All, Perimeter, or Area offer a customized level of protection for your home.

Set the alerts you want to receive

Choose to receive notifications of Alarm, Trouble, and Arm/Disarm events.

Manage system schedules

Set schedules for Arming/Disarming, Favorites, and Z-Wave devices.

Control multiple devices with one tap

Using Favorites, you can group your most-used devices to turn them on/off with a single tap.

Multiple system control

Manage multiple locations seamlessly from the same app.

Arm/Disarm Your Security System

You can arm or disarm your security system from anywhere using the app. Choose from Home, Sleep, or Away arming options.

Check System Status and Event History

Never wonder if you forgot to arm your system before leaving the house – quickly check the status of your security system from anywhere using the app. With the History feature, you can view and search all the system notifications.

Manage Schedules & Favorites

Schedules allow you to program times to Arm/Disarm your security system. Favorites enables you to save your most-used devices into a group so you can turn them on or off with one tap. Use Schedules or Geofencing (below) with Favorites to automatically control your smart home devices.

Create and Control Geofences

Based on the GPS location of your cell phone, the alarm system recognizes when you have enter/exited the geofence (virtual fence). It will then automatically trigger the system actions you designate, such as turning lights on/off or locking/unlocking doors. The geofence feature also allows you to receive a Smart Arming Reminder if you’re the last person to leave the house.

User Management

With the app, you have the ability to quickly add and remove users of your security system. As a system administrator, you can also edit a user’s permissions or change their keypad code. You can even add a temporary user for a scheduled period of time.


Connect a Z-Wave thermostat to the app to remotely control temperature and fan settings. Set schedules and automate temperature control to save on utility costs.

Door Locks

Connect Z-Wave door locks to the app to lock/unlock doors with the tap of a button. Remotely unlock doors for family and friends or use Schedules to automatically have your doors lock when you go to bed.


Connect Z-Wave lights to the app to easily turn lights on, off, or dim them as needed. Set a schedule while you’re on vacation or have all the lights automatically turn off when you go to sleep.

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