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8 Questions About Home Security Systems Answered

We answer your most frequently asked questions about home security systems. 1. How does a home security system work? Sensors detect common security breaches such as a door or window opening, the sound of breaking glass, or movement within a room. There are also sensors that detect changes in the home’s environment such as water […]
3G Sunset

3G Sunset

Wireless carriers are ending 3G network services. With the implementation of the much anticipated 5G network, wireless carriers are preparing for a sunset of their 3G network services. So how exactly does implementing a new network affect the existing one? Why eliminate 3G altogether? Wireless networks do not have unlimited capacity and bandwidth, they are […]
NWOSS Partners with SentryPODS

NWOSS Partners with SentryPODS

Press Release: SentryPODS now available through NWOSS. Northwestern Ohio Security Systems, Inc. is proud to announce its new partnership with SentryPODS, the most advanced outdoor surveillance solution on the market. SentryPODS, which stands for “Protective Overt Deployable Surveillance”, is an autonomous surveillance solution that allows users to gain access to video in remote locations in […]
Flood season preparedness

Flood Season Preparedness

Spring is here – finally! Maybe it’s just me, but winter seemed to linger a little longer this year. While spring brings with it the joys of blue skies, warmer temperatures, and blossoming buds, it can also produce an abundance of rain. And with the rain comes the possibility of flooding. Fortunately, you can reduce […]
Quality Home Security Products

Quality Matters: The 3 Things the Best Home Security Systems Have

Choosing a home security system needs careful consideration, more so because it’s a matter of ensuring your family’s safety around the clock. With so many options available in the home security market, how do you figure out which are the best? We recommend reviewing these three criteria when looking for a quality alarm system for […]
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