3G Sunset

3G Sunset

Wireless carriers are ending 3G network services.

With the implementation of the much anticipated 5G network, wireless carriers are preparing for a sunset of their 3G network services. So how exactly does implementing a new network affect the existing one? Why eliminate 3G altogether?

Wireless networks do not have unlimited capacity and bandwidth, they are constrained. Therefore, when a carrier introduces a new network, they must operate within that set capacity and bandwidth. So in order to make way for a faster and more efficient network, they are forced to get rid of the old. Wireless carriers such as AT&T and Verizon will slowly phase-out the old network service as the new one goes live.

How does 3G Sunset impact security systems?

All devices that use 3G network services, regardless of manufacturer or vendor, will be impacted by 3G Sunset. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, and even security systems. The majority of home security systems installed within the last ten years use cellular communication units to transfer alarm data to monitoring stations. These cell units also enable users to connect to their system via an app and to receive phone notification alerts.

Once 3G Sunset is complete, any security system that relies on a 3G cellular communicator will no longer be able to send alarm notifications to monitoring stations and users, nor will they be able to connect to their app. Therefore, to maintain an active communication path, it’s crucial that your secruity system is upgraded to LTE.

Benefits of Upgrading from 3G to LTE

  • Maximum network life span
  • Faster communication from panel to Monitoring Station
  • Newer network frequencies penetrate walls and buildings better
  • Advanced system features provide virtually real-time connectivity to apps that control your system
  • Faster connection to Virtual Keypad app and browser

Next steps for security systems using 3G

Make sure your security system communicates to our Monitoring Station in the event of an alarm by upgrading today. Upgrading is more cost effective than replacing the entire system and allows you to keep all your security devices in place. The cellular unit can be replaced quickly by one of our Certified Service Technicians. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 800-833-6416.

Not sure if your security system uses 3G? Our Service Team will be happy to check it out for you. Call us at 800-833-6416.

Ready to upgrade your 3G security system?


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