Technology Solutions to Help Your Business Open Safely

Technology Solutions to Help Your Business Open Safely

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world, from home life to work life, and everything in between. As classes resume and stores reopen, facility administrators are looking to implement new health safety measures for the protection of those entering their buildings – students, staff, customers, visitors, etc. In addition, state and local agencies are mandating policies for public safety to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Whatever new safety measures you choose to adopt – whether it be temperature screening, mask enforcement, or regulating social distancing – we have technology solutions to help your business open safely.

Temperature Screening

Temperature screening is a quick and highly effective way to detect potential health hazards during viral outbreaks like the coronavirus. Elevated body temperature (EBT) screening systems alert you to those displaying symptoms of a fever. Fevers are strong indicators of illness, especially as caused by COVID-19.

Ways to Implement Temperature Screening

There are several technology options available that can be more efficient and more cost-effective than manually taking the temperature of every person who enters your facility. For facilities with points of mass entry, such as a large office building, thermal cameras are a great choice. They can connect to your existing surveillance system, scan numerous people at once, and quickly alert you to anyone whose temperature exceeds your designated threshold. For a more budget-friendly solution, a temperature reader is your best bet. About the size of a tablet, these small units are an excellent choice for retail stores, hospitals, and schools.

Temperature Screening Products:

Face Mask Detection

Studies have shown that consistent, widespread, proper use of face masks can greatly reduce the spread of the coronavirus. If you’re challenged with enforcing face masks, we’ve got some solutions to help.

Ways to Implement Face Mask Detection

ZKTeco’s SpeedFace+ is a multi-purpose unit that features face mask detection. This reader can be connected to your access control system to allow/deny entry to staff and visitors based on whether they are wearing a mask.

Face Mask Products:

Regulating Social Distancing

Social distancing policies are another way to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. This can be very difficult to implement depending on the size and traffic flow of your facility.

Ways to Implement Social Distancing

Video surveillance with analytics that count people as they enter your building is a technology solution that can help you enforce social distancing. These can be standalone or connected to your existing camera system. Bosch’s PeopleCount uses digital displays to help manage people queues via a simple traffic light system.

Social Distancing Products:

Other Options

In addition to the above technology, there are some other tools available to help you implement new health safety polices. Facial recognition readers combined with temperature screening records the temperature of every employee, student, and visitor. This can help with contact tracing if someone later tests positive for COVID-19.

HealthBadge by POPentry+ is a great option for schools and universities. POPentry+ allows students and faculty to check-in at a designated temperature screening location. They can then present a “health badge” via their phone when entering other buildings on campus.

Other Helpful Products:

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