How a Security System Can Make You a Better Pet Parent

How a Security System Can Make You a Better Pet Parent

Petpedia estimates that 67% of households or roughly 85 million families in the US have at least one pet. American Pet Products forecasts that those households will spend $99 billion on their pets this year alone. Well, we do love our pets here in the US! Here at NWOSS, our pets are important to us, too, so we researched how a security system can make you a better pet parent.

First things first - should a pet owner install a home security system?

For an expert’s opinion, I reached out to Liz Kostelac, pet parent and owner of Top Dog Daycare & Boarding in Columbus, OH. “I would absolutely recommend a security system for pet owners. It gives you that extra peace of mind when you leave your pets home… I know my fur children are in the safest environment they can be when I leave,” says Kostelac.

Not only does a security system give you peace of mind that your home is protected from intruders, but it can also help you be a better pet parent.

Some dog owners can rely on their furry friends as their security system, thinking their dog will alert them of an intruder. “That’s not always true and not fair to the pet to hold all that responsibility. All dogs are different. Like humans, dogs get older, get slower, and could have vision or hearing impairment. If they’re like my oldest bulldog, Oggie, he can sleep through anything,” expressed Kostelac. “People sleep with fans on, tv on, and sound machines on in their bedroom. My opinion, it’s unsafe and not fair to put everyone’s safety on their dogs to protect the home and all your loved ones in it.”

Virtual Keypad App

With a security system from NWOSS, the Virtual Keypad app for your mobile device will notify you right away when there’s an emergency at home – power outage, fire, sump pump failure, etc. Kostelac, who has an NWOSS system installed in her own house, explained, “These are important things not only to protect my home but also my animals who spend most of their time home. I heavily rely on this system to keep my home, family, and dogs safe and it has never let me down.”

Kostelac depends on the Virtual Keypad app to get notification if something goes wrong at home while she’s away. For example, one particularly hot summer day, she received a notification that her power had gone out. “I got a notification and I hurried home to my pups… my dogs could have easily overheated fast,” she said, “My Virtual Keypad is awesome.”


Cameras are another great feature of a security system that can help you be a better pet parent. You can check in on your pets from anywhere by viewing live video on your phone with the Virtual Keypad app. Some cameras are even equipped with two-way audio, allowing you to talk to your animals when you’re away from home. As Kostelac conveyed, “It gives that pet owner an extra sense of security that their pet is doing ok or to see what they are up to because you miss your fur child during the day. If they are a younger dog too, it may give a pet owner a little less anxiety to check in on them to make the workday a little smoother.”

Are there certain types of security systems that are best for pet owners?

Some security products are designed specifically with pets in mind. For example, there are certain motion sensors that are “pet-immune.” This means they were designed to detect humans and ignore most animals. This technology helps to minimize false alarms that could be triggered by pets.

Here at NWOSS, are experts are trained and certified in this technology. We work with pet owners to make sure they get a system that’s perfect for their household. Whether you have a dog that loves his doggie door or a cat that enjoys climbing the curtains, our experts will design and install a system that works for you.

"I highly recommend having a security system for all pet owners to have in their home. It's not just your stuff you're protecting that's important, it's your family which includes your animals. It is simple for me. Keeping my loved ones and business safe and secure is my #1 priority and that's why I put my trust in NWOSS!"

Liz Kostelac, Pet Parent & Owner of Top Dog Daycare & Boarding

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Liz Kostelac Top Dog Daycare & Boarding
Liz Kostelac, Top Dog Daycare & Boarding

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We work with pet owners to make sure they get a system that's perfect for their household.

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