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Moving into a new home can be a wonderful time of new beginnings. It can also be overwhelming. We get it, we know you have a million things to take care of during this transition. That’s why we reach out to new homeowners to offer help with our free Welcome Home Packet.

Unfortunately, the home inspections many people rely on before purchasing their home don’t include home security. At NWOSS, we’re passionate about security and helping families stay safe. So, we designed a Home Security Audit to quickly walk you through a self-inspection of the security of your home.

Get your free copy today by email or postal service, your choice. Let us be the first to say, “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

Your free Welcome Home Packet includes:


This handy checklist helps you assess the security of your new home.


This pocket-sized list comes in handy during an emergency.

Hard-copy packets will also be shipped with:


Free swag to help keep your list of emergency contacts handy.

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