Welcome to NWOSS.com

Welcome to NWOSS website

Northwestern Ohio Security Systems, Inc., also known as NWOSS, has spent the last several months working on the upgrade to our website. (A special thank you goes out to Wendy Brodeur and the NOW Marketing team for their hard work.) As part of this upgrade we have decided to release a series of blogs specific to certain aspects of our business. Before I introduce our different bloggers and their topic of concentration, which you will see frequently on our website and social media channels, I would like to give you a little background on our company and our company’s culture.

NWOSS was founded in 1981 by Jim Kostelac and Trell Yocum in Lima, Ohio. We have grown into a company with two offices in Ohio, an employee count of just under 50, and a client base that covers the Americas and Canada. Our culture at NWOSS is that of embracing change to provide the best service and solutions to our customers. We consider ourselves a technology solutions provider and if we are not rapidly embracing change (“early adopters”) in the technology industry, we will be left behind on the learning curve and our customers will slowly transition over to our competitors. So as you can see, we take this change idea very seriously. And as part of our embracement of change we have decided to revamp our company’s website. The new website will include a series of blog posts which we hope will be very insightful to our customers and colleagues. We encourage everyone reading our blog posts to email or post comments so we can continue our discussions.

Without further ado, let me introduce our bloggers:

Wendy Brodeur – Residential Expert

Wendy, in conjunction with our team of Residential sales professionals, will bring you a lot of great tips and ideas for ways to secure your family using today’s technology, as well as ways to use technology in your home to cut down on your costs for things such as energy, insurance, etc. Wendy has worked for NWOSS since 2007 in different capacities. Her primary roles and responsibilities are to manage our CAD department and handle any in-house marketing, including our newly introduced website. Wendy began her drafting career in high school, going on to study Civil Engineering and work in the land surveying field for 8 years before joining the NWOSS team.

Ben Wietholter – Commercial Expert

Ben will be discussing current concerns in the Commercial security industry. Ben has over 10 years’ experience in the security industry in areas ranging from installation, engineering design, project management, and sales. Ben will be able to share concerns, explain topics, and describe (through the use of technology) how we are solving and/or addressing these concerns. Ben has been with NWOSS since 2013. Prior to NWOSS, Ben was at OVIS for 5 years, and prior to OVIS he worked for Stewart’s Security out of Columbus for 3 years. Ben received his electronic technician training while serving in the U.S. Army. He has also earned an A.A.S. in Construction Management and a B.S. in Business Management since leaving the military. Ben is currently NICET Level II certified in fire alarms and has also completed factory certified training from all of our major vendor partners.

Steve Spahr – Technology Expert

Steve will be writing about trends in technology and how they pertain to the security industry. Steve has over 35+ years’ experience with all areas of electronic security technology, which makes him uniquely qualified to comment on these trends. Steve has extensive experience in video surveillance, intrusion alarms, fire alarm, and access control. Steve has been with NWOSS since I was a teenager back in the late 80s, and as he would describe “with my long hair and Nine Inch Nails t-shirt.”

John Kostelac – Big Picture Brainstorming

I will be discussing/brainstorming big pictures ideas on how to help small businesses grow profitably. I have been with NWOSS full time now since 2003. I did a co-op while at Ohio State and worked on and off in the summers while in High School doing file alarm drawings. I have a Bachelor in Science Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from OSU as well as MBA from OSU. I enjoy reading and discussing Corporate Strategy and particularly how it impacts small private businesses.

Please enjoy our upcoming blogs and feel free to openly discuss or critique any of our ideas or comments.

Thank you. John Kostelac

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