The Advice You Need to Protect Yourself & Your Assets While Traveling

The advice you need to keep you & your assets safe while traveling

We’ve compiled our best tips to keep you secure on your next adventure.

Summer is finally here! With travel restrictions lifting all across Ohio and the rest of the country, we are all ready for adventure! Here’s the advice you need to protect yourself and your assets while traveling.

Personal Safety

There are many phone apps available that notify others when you’re in danger. Using your phone’s GPS, the app sends an alert with your location to authorities and/or designated contacts. Smartwatches can offer the same safety features as your cell phone, enabling you to send an SOS to emergency responders. However, if your phone/watch dies or loses service, they won’t be available to help. That’s when satellite messengers come in handy. They rely on satellites rather than cellular networks to track your GPS location and send signals.

A personal alarm is another alternative. Attach it to items you always carry, like your keys. While it won’t notify authorities, its loud alarm will alert anyone nearby that you’re in trouble – and potentially scare away attackers.

Device Security

Before heading on your trip, log out of all apps and websites that store personal data. Clear your browser cache, including all saved passwords. For more secure access, set up logins that require a face or fingerprint id. If your smartphone doesn’t have that capability, use a password manager app instead.

Furthermore, perform the following security measures on all electronic devices before transit:

    • Backup important files.
    • Turn on firewalls.
    • Update anti-virus & anti-malware applications.
    • Enable encryption.
    • Turn off automatic Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Set up a personal virtual private network (VPN).

Use a VPN while traveling to keep your info safe while browsing

Protecting Your Valuables

Keep your valuables – cash, credit cards, licenses, passport, jewelry – on your person while traveling. Opt to stow items separately in a money belt and/or lanyard that you can wear under your clothes. Take advantage of any discreet pockets in your clothing. Additionally, choose anti-theft bags/backpacks and tuck items away in concealed compartments. Whenever possible, use contactless options for purchases and room/event entry. That way, you won’t reveal your cash/card storage location to pickpockets.

To help keeps tabs on electronics and luggage, try GPS tracking tags. Slip them into any bag to quickly locate it if it is lost or stolen. They come in handy to find family members, too! As a backup measure, snap photos of important documents and store them in the cloud. Then, you still have access to them in case of emergency.

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