More than Security – How to Boost your Camera System with Analytics

More than Security - How to Boost Your Home's Camera System with Analytics

More than security

Camera systems are a great deterrent of intruders. They also enable homeowners to capture security incidents. But did you know your home’s camera system can offer so much more than security?

The best camera systems utilize video analytics to notify users of events that are important to them. Adding analytics to your surveillance system transforms it into a tool to help with your household that goes beyond security.

What are video analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that analyzes video. An analytic is based on a set of predefined parameters such as certain actions, viewing areas, timeframes, etc. When the analytic detects the specified parameters in the video, the software intelligently identifies what is happening. It then triggers a real-time push notification to you, so you know exactly what’s happening as it’s happening. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Understanding Camera Systems to learn more.

How to use video analytics to boost your camera system

There are so many ways to apply video analytics to keep your family safe and secure. Here are some ways to use the most popular analytics at your home.

Intrusion Detection Analytic

For example, the Intrusion Detection analytic allows you to define a boundary within the camera’s viewing area. When the analytic detects someone entering that boundary, the system will send you an alert.

Ways to use the Intrusion Detection analytic at home:


Know when anyone enters your pool. Make sure kids aren’t swimming without supervision or neighbors aren’t swimming without permission.


Be alerted whenever someone tries to open a cabinet they shouldn’t be accessing.


Keep an eye on packages delivered while you’re away. Know when someone comes to the door while your kids are home alone.

Intrusion Camera Analytics for Homes

Line Crossing Analytic

Another example is the Line Crossing analytic. You can be notified when a camera detects someone crossing a line you determine. You can even specify which crossing direction is important to you.

Ways to use the Line Crossing analytic at home:


Know when someone enters through your gate. Be alerted when kids or pets leave the yard.


When anyone enters your pool gate, receive an alert.


Keep watch on young children, ensuring they don’t enter areas that are off-limits or exit the house altogether.

Line Crossing Camera Analytics for Homes

As you can see, there are so many ways to use video analytics to elevate your home’s camera system beyond security. Check out information on our camera packages with analytics HERE.

Want to learn more?

To discover more ways video analytics can help your family, contact one of our camera specialists today.


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