Know the 5 Easily Overlooked Ways You Compromise Your Home’s Security

Know the 5 easily overlooked ways you compromise your home's security

Think your home is safe? Beware! Your home might not be as secure as you think it is. Know the 5 easily overlooked ways you compromise your home’s security. We’ve got insider tips to keep you and your family safe.

#5 Way Security is Compromised: Unsecured Windows

An estimated 1.1 million burglaries occur every year in the U.S. About 25% of the time, criminals enter properties through a ground-level window. We can often overlook them, especially when leaving the house for a quick errand.

Here are our top tips to secure your home’s windows:

    • Install anti-lift blocks or clips on your windows, especially around the ground floor.
    • Trim shrubbery and landscaping back from windows so security cameras and neighbors have a clear view of those entry points.
    • Reinforce basement windows with a grate or grille.
    • Add window contacts to your security system. These sensors detect whenever a window opens. They also alert you if any windows are open when you attempt to arm the system, allowing you to close and lock them before you leave home.

#4 Way Security is Compromised: Low-Quality Door Locks

Because doors are the number-one point of entry for criminals, low-quality door locks are one of the top ways you compromise your home’s security. Unfortunately, lock manufacturers often replace quality materials with substandard ones to offer cheap alternatives to consumers. These low-quality, low-cost door locks cannot withstand drilling, raking, or picking. It is easy to force these locks open, which usually fail in mere seconds.

Better quality locks equal better security.

Spending a few extra dollars for a higher quality door lock can mean all the difference when it comes to burglary. Look for a sturdy, all-metal lock with a thick cylinder and drill-resistant plate. For even more security, consider installing high-security locks that are unbeatable. This type of lock is made from more durable materials, causing drilling to take hours. And they require special credentials in order to make copies of the key.

Burglar opening window with security sensor

#3 Way Security is Compromised: Vulnerable Doors

Investing in a quality door lock is a moot point if a criminal can easily break down your door. Make sure door frames and molding around them are reinforced and sealed. Secure strike plates with heavy-duty screws at least 2-1/4” long.

Glass in and around doors can compromise your home's security.

Additionally, inspect any decorative glass in or around the door. Make sure it is shatter-proof and sealed tightly. Alternatively, consider reinforcing the glass with a grate or grille.

#2 Way Security is Compromised: Easy to Guess Codes

A great alternative to traditional door locks is smart locks. They allow you to enter your home using your phone or a code you enter on a keypad. However, homeowners compromise their security by choosing simple, easy-to-guess keycodes, such as their house number, the last four digits of their phone number, their zip code, etc. Similarly, choosing a simple code for your alarm keypad can allow criminals to bypass your security system.

Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

Furthermore, people tend to keep the same keycode for a long time. Because you’re pressing the same numbers over and over, those buttons will show signs of wear. This wear gives criminals a head start in guessing your code!

Change your keycode often or opt for a touchscreen keypad.

Unlike a standard keypad, NWOSS offers touchscreen versions to help prevent buttons from being worn down over time. However, we suggest wiping the screen periodically to prevent visible smudges and fingerprints.

#1 Way Security is Compromised: Substandard Security System

Security systems really do deter criminals from targeting your property. Burglars choose homes they can get in and out of quickly, so often bypass those with visible security in place.

Beware of cheap security products!

Many low-cost, box store camera systems have low-resolution imaging. In addition, most can be easily disabled – smashed, removed, or even stolen. Moreover, some don’t alert you of real-time activity, offering only grainy glimpses of the crime afterward. Criminals are aware of the shortcomings of substandard camera systems and will take full advantage of them.

Don't skimp on products that keep you home secure.

Here at NWOSS, we only sell high-quality, commercial-grade security products – items we feel safe using to protect our own families. Our certified technicians make sure to install devices correctly and securely. Our local monitoring station makes sure to dispatch first responders quickly during an emergency. And our service team helps to keep the system working properly, year after year.

Contact us today for a free quote to add, replace, or upgrade your home security system. Or learn more about our high-quality camera systems.

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