Demystifying Z-Wave in 10 Minutes

Demystifying z-wave in 10 minutes

How about dimming the lights of your room with just a click on your phone and making the latest episode of Game of Thrones an even more immersive experience? Sounds interesting? That’s just one of the advantages of smart devices, and it’s made possible in part due to Z-Wave technology.

Whether you want to adjust the lights for an in-home theater experience or monitor the motorized blinds to keep the heat out, Z-Wave is what allows your devices to essentially “talk” to each other. This wireless technology has taken convenience to the next level.

So, what exactly is Z-Wave and why should it matter to you?

Well, let’s get a little technical here. Z-Wave is a wireless protocol which focuses on connecting devices (e.g. lights, thermostats, door locks, etc.), to form a mesh network. What does it mean? Well, it basically means that there’s a central hub using Z-Wave technology, which you must install in your home, to connect one device with the other.

How would it help?

Once the devices are connected, they use low-energy radio-waves to communicate with each other, creating a safer ecosystem of smart devices and reducing home security vulnerabilities.

Yes, it’s cutting-edge, it’s fun and it’s secure. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say – Z-Wave is a lifestyle upgrade, which custom-fits your specific needs. How? Well, you can:

  • Walk your dog outdoors without carrying your keys. Get a remote access to your door lock to prevent a break-in.
  • Stream your favorite tunes for your date night and trigger the electric fireplace simply by accessing a remote control.
  • Prevent your AC from consuming excess energy while you are partying in the backyard. Let your AC automatically adjust the temperature of your room while you are away, so you step into a perfectly cooled home.

And trust us, there’s a lot more that you can do with it. The state-of-the-art security solutions, provided by Z-Wave, are unique.

The technology powers some of the smartest products which you can install at home, for example:


If you are constantly forgetful and leave the AC running high even when you are away, Z-Wave thermostats can save you some serious dough.

Unlike regular thermostats, these thermostats can learn from your behavior and accordingly adjust temperatures. For instance, if it gets too humid indoors or if you suddenly fire up the oven, it adjusts accordingly. In addition, you can access the remote control panel on your phone to simply switch it off when you are leaving for work and let it spring back into action on your way home. This keeps the temperature nice and comfortable by the time you get back.

Yes, it’s that easy and simple.


Unlike your basic bulb which simply sits in a socket and lights up your room, a Z-Wave smart light connects with your mobile apps and opens up endless possibilities. Simply fix your smart bulbs in your chandeliers or lamps, and dim them while going to sleep.

Nope, you don’t need dimmer switches. Just install a hub which syncs all your smart lights and lets you control them through a single mobile app.

If you are bored of your wall color, just lower the intensity of the lights to add a different hue on your walls. During a party, change the color of the lights and match it with the ‘theme’ of the party.

Smart lights, without a shadow of doubt, take home automation a notch higher.

Door Locks

Go ‘keyless’ with Z-Wave locks. Ergonomically designed, these smart locks boast of exceptional functionality. Just integrate your locks with your video doorbell to see who is at the door. Or sync them with an indoor security camera to begin recording when your door is unlocked.

The good news is that you can even connect them with services like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to lock and unlock doors through spoken commands. Providing a vast range of authentication methods, such as PIN codes, security tokens and biometrics, smart locks lead you to a digital era of keyless locking.


Knowing that you will be intimated in case of an emergency at home (i.e. burglary), is a great relief in itself. And this is what makes Z-Wave alarms and sirens so popular.

Z-Wave alarms can also alert you about your newborn’s movements and activities of your elderly parents while you’re away from them. Just connect your phone with the video camera in your baby’s room to keep a track of your newborn’s crib. Sync your phone or laptop with the wearable fitness tracker which your parents use. Get notified about their unusual sleep patterns and medication reminders, with real-time alerts.

No denying, it feels absolutely awesome to take care of your loved ones in this innovative way or see your electric kettle trigger through a voice message or find your thermostat kick in after you return home from a hectic work day.

Z-Wave products find each other out (through radio waves) without you having to do much yourself. It’s simple, easy, and more convenient than you can imagine. So, stay smart and ‘tech up your home.’

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