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How Your NWOSS System Works

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1. Detect

When your system is armed, it will detect when a device has been triggered.

2. Signal

Your system will send a signal directly to our Central Station via phone lines, internet, or cellular module.

3. Dispatch

Our Central Station Monitors will process your signal according to our procedures or your special instruction. Our standard procedure is to:

  1. Call the premise first.
  2. If we cannot reach anyone at your premise, we will dispatch the appropriate emergency responders.
  3. If requested by the authorities, we will continue to contact members on your call list.
  4. On occasion, the authorities request a key holder. In this case, we will ask for a description of your vehicle and approximate time of arrival to the premise.

4. Records

The authorities will advise us if the premise is secure, and we will note their response in our database. We maintain a database of all your alarm signals. At any time, you may call and ask for information regarding your system including status and prior alarms.

At NWOSS, we care about our community and strive to protect law enforcement resources from false alarms. For more information, check out our Enhanced Call Verification procedure.

Phone Lines/Internet vs Cellular:

The control panel can communicate by traditional telephone line, internet, or wirelessly via a cellular module, depending on the type of system you choose. Most telephone lines and internet connections cannot communicate during a power outage. In addition, their data lines can easily be cut by intruders, disabling communication to our Central Station. A cellular system is much more reliable because a wireless signal cannot be severed by intruders or power outages. Your system is only as good as your communication method, which is why we highly recommend cellular.